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I have a whole lot more to publish on this site. I can answer nearly any generator question you have. Until I get an article posted that addresses your question, subscribers can email me at I will answer your questions in order as fast as I can get to them.


  • Get answers to code questions.
      Know what you need to be in compliance. You get e-mail answers from someone who actually knows.
  • Get answers to technical problems.
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      • I or one of my experienced technicians will respond to your e-mailed questions in the order they are received.
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    • Our forum is open to owners, maintenance staff, fire marshals, vendors, installing contractors, consulting engineers, and just about anybody with an interest standby generators. Listen in or join the conversation.
  • Access our technical library
    • Over the years we have collected service and operator's manuals covering a vast array or standby generators and automatic transfer switches. Some that are obsolete and some that a'e brand new. We can make this valuable resource available to you through e-mail.
  • Get inside information the generator sellers won't tell you.
    • After 35 years in the business, I can help you avoid the pitfalls.
  • Develop your own effective maintenance program.
    • I can guide you in developing the most effective maintenance program.
  • Save money! Get the inside information on what your generator company really should be doing when the service or repair your generator.
  • Download our code compliant monthly test log
  • Learn what you need to know before you buy a generator.
  • Much, much, more. You are tapping into knowledge accumulated over a lifetime of field service and engineering.

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    If you cannot wait for an emailed response, you are welcome to call. I charge $150 per hour. That works out to $2.50 per minute.

    When you call, have your credit card ready. After we take you information over the phone and establish who you are and what kind of machine or issue concerns you, your time begins at $2.50 per minute. We will bill your credit card and send you a statement.

    If we need to photo copy pages of manuals or wiring diagrams, we charge $1.00 per page. Other expenses, such as postage, packaging, and shipping will be charged to you at cost plus 15%.

    Be Careful!

    Generators and automatic transfer switches as well as their appurtenant devices employ high voltages that can hurt you. Do not attempt to work with this equipment unless you are qualified. Observe all rules and cautions found in the manufacturer's manuals as well as NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

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